Application Guide For International Students

To apply to the college and obtain a student visa, follow the steps below.

It is very important that the required documents and fees are sent for your application to be processed.

Fill in and sign an application form and send it to:

Ledra College,
Admissions Office,
13 Lankada Street, Strovolos 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus.

With your application form you must also send the following:

  • A photocopy of your passport where your name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiration date, etc can be clearly read. Your passport should be valid for more than 18 months from the expected dale of your arrival.
  • A Police certificate certifying that you do not have a criminal record. The certificate must NOT be more than three (3) months old.
  • A Bank Certificate (letter) stating that you or your parent/guardian (i.e. father, mother, sister, uncle, etc) has at least  €7000 in his/her accounts and can support your studies in Cyprus. The bank certificate must NOT be more than (3) months old. Guardians must also provide a letter confirming their support toward your studies.
  • A medical report stating that you have undergone a chest x-ray and medical examinations and are clear of HIV I and II, AIDS, Syphilis and Hepatitis ‘B’ and ‘C’.

The Cyprus Authorities will not approve applicants who test positive for these diseases so we recommend you take these medical examinations before arriving.

  • Your secondary school leaving certificate(s) and a detailed grade sheet (transcript). These must be translated into English and be attested by the school you graduated from.
  • Four (4) Passport sized photographs with your name written clearly on the back of each one.
  • An application fee of €150.
  • All documents must be translated into English and should carry the translator’s name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, if any.
What happens to your documents?

  • If the Admissions Office at Ledra College approves your application, your documents will be submitted to the Cypriot Republic’s Ministry of Education and Culture.

Applicants who have not been accepted for what any reason will be notified by mail.

  • If the Ministry of Education approves your application then your documents will be forwarded to the Cyprus Migration Department in order to obtain your student visa. (In cases where a Cyprus Consulate exists in your country you will be asked to attend an interview and collect your provisional visa from there instead). You will then be issued with a conditional Letter of Acceptance stating all the relevant information and the total amount of fees required for one year, which must be paid in advance before the deadline stated.

Note: The Migration Office will require that you also deposit an International Student Guarantee of  €500 in case of any emergency during your stay in Cyprus and you have to return to your country before the end of your studies. The Student Guarantee will be fully refunded after you complete your studies.

  • Upon visa approval you must transfer all tuition fees together with the International Student Guarantee to the college bank account. The deposit of fees must be under the student’s name for the exact amount and free of bank charges. After payment you will be issued with: an original Letter of Registration and a copy of your visa (if it has not already been issued by Cyprus Consulate in your country).
  • Once you have sent all the required fees, you can book your flight to Larnaca International Airport to arrive at least 7 days before your course begins.

College Bank Details:
Bank: Hellenic Bank
Branch: ENGOMI
Account no.:139-01-606045-01
IBAN: CY54 0050 0139 0001 3901 6060 4501

Arrival at the Airport

  • It is very important that you inform Ledra College of your arrival details to Cyprus (airline, flight number, arrival date and arrival time) so we are able to make any necessary arrangements for any problems that may arise.
  • When you arrive at the airport an officer of Ledra College will be there to meet you and assist you. You must have the following:
  • An original bank transfer receipt for your tuition fees, accommodation fees etc.
  • A valid passport with expiration date at least 2 years after the date of your arrival.
  • A copy of the Student Visa that was issued to you from Cyprus or Cyprus Consulate in your country.
  • At least €2000 in cash with you.
Temporary Residency

You must visit the Cyprus Migration Department within 15 days of your arrival and provide the following in order to obtain temporary residency in the Cyprus Republic:

  • A completed M61 form (this will be provided to you by the College).

  • Cyprus bank statement – You will be required to open a Euro bank account at a Cyprus bank and present a bank statement stating your balance which must be a minimum of €800.

  • Your passport.

  • Receipts for the payment of your tuition, accommodation etc.

  • Your passport.

  • Five (5) passport size photos.

  • The original copy and a photocopy of your insurance policy that proves you are insured for medical purposes (this can be arranged through the college).

  • An original copy of your rental agreement and receipt for your accommodation.

  • Your medical examination results, blood tests and chest x-rays. (These further tests will be undertaken in Cyprus).

  • Your letter of Registration.

  • Your passport.

  • Your final visa will be granted on successful completion of the above.



Student Admission Requirements

Visa Requirements for EU students

a) Passport, which must be valid for more than two (2) years. Please note that EU citizens may travel freely to Cyprus but are required to submit an Application for Issue of Residence Permit to the Migration Department within 3 months of their date of entry into the Republic of Cyprus. The Office of Admissions will assist with this procedure.

b) EU students are obliged by Migration Department regulations to have health insurance coverage. This medical insurance can be arranged through our Finance Department and must be renewed with each annual registration.

The Office of Admissions will guide students through this procedure.

Employment for EU and Non-EU students

EU students have no restrictions. Non-EU students are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester periods and 38 hours during vacation periods.

Students are eligible to work six months after entering the country and as per the Aliens and Immigration Law No.184(1)/2007.


Arrival Check List

Arriving at Larnaca Airport all international students should have the following documents with them and be prepared to present them at the Airport:

1. Original bank transfer receipt for your tuition fees etc.

2. A valid passport with expiration date at least 2 years after the date of your arrival.

3. A copy of the Student Visa that was issued in Cyprus or a student visa in passport issued by the Cyprus Consulate.

4. At least €2000 in cash in hand.

Transfer Students

Students who have started their studies elsewhere and wish to apply for admission to Ledra College as transfer students must submit the following items to the Admissions Office:

1. A completed application form together with a non-refundable fee.

2. Official transcripts of all academic records from each institution previously attended, including high school, college or university.

3. Official course descriptions or syllabus in English for all graduate course work completed at an accredited college or university previously attended.

An official transfer credit evaluation will only be administered if all of the above items have been submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Procedures & Criteria

Completed Application Form

The application form may be obtained either in person from the Office of Admissions or by writing to the Director of Admissions, Ledra College, 13 Lankada Street, Strovolos 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus. A non­refundable fee must accompany every application.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts of secondary (high) school record.

The applicant must submit an official transcript of his secondary school record together with the application. For candidates applying for admission with advanced standing, an official transcript of their previous college record is required.

Knowledge of English

Evidence of the Knowledge of English.
English is the language of instruction at Ledra College.

Those candidates whose native language is not English will have to take the English Placement Test at the College. Candidates who have obtained a score of at least 500 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or a passing grade of C or better on the G.C.E.O Level in English will be exempted from the English Placement Test. English to the level of the final year of a Cypriot six year Secondary School, is a necessary requirement.