BSc Mobile & Web Applications Development

Course Insight

Mobile application development is one of the most demanded and fastest growing career fields in the world. As mobile devices continue to change the way we do business, communicate, and access news & entertainment, the demand for new and innovative mobile applications is growing at breakneck speeds. This increased demand translates to one of the largest skills gaps ever realized – there are simply more mobile development jobs than skilled and qualified developers to fill them.

Our bachelor’s degree in Mobile & Web application development provides students with the specialized knowledge that is needed for the development of advanced mobile and web applications. Students will learn about the languages and frameworks that are most commonly used in developing these applications, along with the design of user interfaces and web systems, and with associated topics such as networking, hosting infrastructure, and security. Furthermore, students will learn best practices in browser based and packaged apps, 3rd party native extensions, distribution to app stores, and cross platform application development. Furthermore, they will acquire specialized developer knowledge and the technical skillset needed to succeed as professional mobile and web appdesigners and developers.

Course Aims

Among others, students will be able to:

  • Assess current and emerging technologies in areas such as mobile applications, web platforms, software systems, and cloud computing
  • Learn how to create applications for Android, iOS and other mobile platforms.
  • Get a firm grasp of the technology prerequisites necessary for the development of such applications.
  • Evaluate, select, and apply proper software design and development methodologies.
  • Gain hands-on app development experience by utilising our specially designed application lab. Plan, evaluate, select, and apply appropriate systems and software quality assurance methods and tools.

Course Content

This course is delivered within a modular scheme. You will study twenty-four core modules and eight elective modules of your choice.

In year 1, you will study six core modules and two elective modules that offer a broad foundation to fundamental topics of information systems, application development and general programming.

In year 2, you will be introduced to iOS programming for Apple devices, as well as to principles and techniques for web application development

In year 3, you will learn about programming for Android and Windows devices, as well as more advanced programming for web applications.

In year 4, you will learn, among others, topics in mobile application security and quality assurance, while also undertaking a final-year research project on a development topic of your choice.


Throughout, you will be assessed by a mixture of formal examinations, essays, reports, case study analysis and group work.


Our graduates can be employed as: Mobile systems developers, Mobile applications developers, Mobile applications engineers, Web application developers, Mobile software developers, Android developers, iOS developers and many more.

Course Structure

Semester 1 Weekly Hours Credits
MW 101: Introduction to Databases 4 7.5
CSC 101: Introductory Programming 4 7.5
MW 102: Introduction to Web Application Development 4 7.5
Please select one elective module 4 7.5
Semester 2
BF 101: Introduction to Business 4 7.5
CSC 202: Software Engineering Principles & Techniques 4 7.5
CSC 102: Intermediate Programming 4 7.5
Please select one elective module 4 7.5
Semester 3
MW 201: HTML5 and CSS3 4 7.5
MW 403: Software Quality Assurance and Testing
4 7.5
DM 204: Fundamentals of Web Design and Applications for Social Media 4 7.5
Please select one elective module 4 7.5
Semester 4
MW 202: Intermediate Web Application Development 4 7.5
MW 203: Objective-C and iOS Application Development 4 7.5
MW 204: Web Design 4 7.5
Please select one elective module 4 7.5

Elective Courses

BF 102: Marketing

ENG 101: Professional Writing

DM 101: Introduction To Social Media and Digital Marketing

BF 305: Introduction to Internet and E-business

COM 102: Media and Society

CYB 101: Introduction to Cyber Warfare

DM 203: Web Analytics, Data Mining and KPI for Social Media

CSC 204: Ethics in Information Technology

DM 207: Communication Technology and Contemporary Society

DM 208: Interactive Media and New Media Distribution Channels

CYB 302: Mobile Device Forensics

DM 301: Business in the Media and Entertainment

DM 302: Internet Marketing Research Strategies

BF 304: Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information

DM 403: Global e-Novation Marketing

BF 104: Introduction to Accounting

CYB 201: Foundations of Cyber Security

CYB 202: Social Networking and Cyber Security Best Practices

DM102: Modern PR & Mobile Advertising

Semester 5 Weekly Hours Credits
DM 206: Content Development for Social Media and Search Engine Optimization 4 7.5
MW 301: Modern Web Development: JavaScript 4 7.5
MW 302: Cloud Computing 4 7.5
Please select one elective  module 4 7.5
Semester 6
MW 303: Programming in C and C++ 4 7.5
BF 406: E-business planning and implementation 4 7.5
MW304: Advanced Web Development 4 7.5
Please select one elective  module 4 7.5
Semester 7
BF 401: Research Methods 4 7.5
MW 401: Cross-platform mobile application development 4 7.5
MW 402: Distributed Systems and applications 4 7.5
Please select one elective  module 4 7.5
Semester 8
BF 405: Research Project 4 7.5
MW 404: Mobile Applications Security 4  7.5
Please select one elective module 4 7.5
Course Title: Mobile and web applications development (4 Years, plus an Optional Foundation Year, Bachelor of Science)
Course Duration: 4 years
Class Mode: Morning or Evening – Full time
Class Times: Mon-Fri 09:00-13:00 and 18:00-21:50
Period duration: 50 minutes
Course Leader: Dr. Yiannos Charalambides
Lecturers: Alexis Michael, Nicholas Vrahimis, Christos Demetriou, Xenios Kasinidis, Filippos Filippou, Georgia Hadjisymeou, Nicolas Televantos, Ioannis Ioannou, Tasos Anastasiou, Christos Constantinou, Lukas Nicolaou.
Language of Instruction: English
Entry Requirements: Secondary School diploma or Foundation Certificate/Diploma Equivalent
Minimum Age of Entry: 18 before 31st Dec (of application year)
Graduation Requirements: All 120 Credits are required to obtain this qualification.
Title Award: Bachelor of Science in Mobile and Web applications development

Student’s Admissions Criteria

Ledra college accepts students regardless of gender, color, race , religion , disability , or national origin. The student admission criteria at Ledra College are examined by the Academic Committee. These have been established to determine whether the students can be placed in the appropriate programs that have expressed interest, depending on their qualifications, in order to fulfill their academic goal successfully.
Each student must be a graduate from a six – grade secondary education school or equivalent qualification. The admission of new students takes place twice a year. In September and October for the Fall semester ( A) and in January – February for the Spring semester ( B ). Applications for admission to Ledra College can be also submitted at the beginning of the Summer Semester ( June) , especially for students who are interested to attend intensive preparatory programs of English Language. Applicants must meet one of the following criteria :
1. Certificate of a six – grade secondary education school.
2. Certificate of twelve -year attendance with satisfactory performance ( 15/20 ) or equivalent for foreigners according to the country of origin .
3. Certificates G.C.E. examinations (5 O Level 2 A Level).
4. Any other certificate or qualification the Academic Committee deems equivalent to Certificate of a six – grade secondary education school.
5. The equivalent certificates are discussed and documented accordingly by the Academic Committee .
In any case that a student does not have the specific educational level, the College offers the opportunity to be part of foundation courses.

The course language at Ledra College is English. An applicant whose native language is not English has to present proof of knowledge of written and spoken English as the TOEFL grade of 500 or G.C.E O.L. or any other equivalent certification. Otherwise, the candidate will have to attend a qualifying examination of the College. If a student fails the qualifying examination will then be placed in the corresponding Preparatory Year of the field of study for which is registered .

In the case of Cypriot students, high school diploma is considered satisfactory qualification only if the degree in the English language course starts 16 out of 20 ( 16/20). If the level is between 14-15 / 20, then he is required to follow the English course offered and taught in the field of study for which they have expressed interest.

Foreign Students

In the case of foreign students, residence permit will be issued to foreign students by the time they meet the admission criteria. All necessary registration forms must be enclosed in an envelope and sent to the Admissions Office at least one month before the start of the semester. In order for the Foreign students to obtain a visa must submit to the Immigration Officer all the necessary documents. Completed application forms , documents, fees and guarantees must arrive at the applications office before August 31 for the fall semester and before December 20 for Spring Semester. The application form must be accompanied by the amount of € 150 as a right of application and which is non-refundable. Applicants who hold other academic qualification must present certified copies of their academic qualifications. In cases where academic qualifications are not in English they must be accompanied by an official or certified translation in English.

Applicants whose native language is not English will need to take a written examination set by the college. For candidates, who have a diploma of English (minimum TOEFL 500 or Grade C or hold a G.C.E.O. Level) will be exempt from the written examination and will be placed in the field of study for which they have expressed interest.
Foreign students should have a diploma with an overall grade of at least 50/100 and a degree in English language at least 50/100or a diploma with an overall grade of at least 50/100 and with a minimum level of knowledge the IELTS exam with a grade of at least five ( 5 ) or equivalent examination.
The term “equivalent examination” includes the attendance of at least one year of higher education program in English language field of study in the foreign student’s home country. Students who meet the above criteria are not eligible to enroll in preparatory programs (foundation courses). In the preparatory programs can attend only the candidates who collect score 50% or more in their Leaving Certificate but have not passed the English tests described above.

For foreign students of approved courses offered by the ISTE with the method of franchising / certification (franchise / validation) the academic admission criteria of their origin country are required.

Students studying in another Higher Education Institution and wish to transfer to Ledra College have to present at the admissions office the following documents:
1) Application for transfer
2) Academic Transcript
3) Description of the subjects who attended at their Institution
4) In case of foreign students, the approval of their transfer is finalized upon the migration officer.
The course language at Ledra college is English. An applicant whose native language is not English has to present proof of knowledge of written and spoken English at the TOEFL grade of 500 or G.E.O.L or any other equivalent certification. Otherwise, the candidate will have to attend a qualifying examination of the College
Each case of student transfer depends on his/her grades and the institution from which the student attends.