Tuition Fees 2015– 2016

A registration fee is paid each year and is not included in the tuition fees. Registration fees are non-refundable. The tuition fees below cover all the necessary costs for the year. No other fees are charged for tuition, however, students are required to rent/buy graduation gowns at the end of their course, (which are rented at €35 or purchased at €75).

Students should also have in mind that they may need to print work or require design materials and stationery from the college which will also be charged. The College reserves the right to manage tuition fees and charges whenever necessary, subject to approval by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Course (1st year student’s fees)

Year 1 2015 – 2016  Annual Registration Fees
Intensive English (Foundation) € 3500 € 150
All Courses (Diploma) € 5250 € 150
All Courses (Bachelor) € 5250 € 150
All Courses (Master) € 6000

Payment Methods

Tuition fees are due and payable before the beginning of each semester, during the first fifteen days of September and during the first fifteen days of January.

The Immigration Regulations of Cyprus stipulate that a student may be stopped from a course simply by non-attendance. When a student wishes to withdraw from any course they have to fill in a ‘WITHDRAWAL FORM’ and submit it to the Registrars Office. Cancellation of tuition fees will be made in accordance with the following schedule.

Withdrawal Refund

Time of Withdrawal (refund) % of cancellation
Prior to the first day of classes 100
During the first week of classes 80
During the second week 70
During the third week 50
During the fourth week 25
After the fourth week of classes(Registration fees are not refundable) None
Students are required to pay the full year’s fee in cases where they withdraw after the 4th week of their studies.

Important Note for International Students

The College will not refund fees in cases where a student receives a visa but decides not to come to Cyprus; or in cases where students are rejected due to illegalities or fake documents; or where a student has been rejected for entry at the airport or port due to lack of funds, or previous presence in Cyprus or fake documents. Students will also need to sign a declaration stating that their visit to Cyprus is solely for educational purposes and that they have no issues, (political or otherwise), in their native country and will not seek political refugee status.

Academic – Scholarship Academic year 2015 – 2016

The following criteria apply for those who wish to request a scholarship.

1)Academic performance

School Leaving Certificate Grade Scholarship Offered Duration
18.00 – 18.49 10 % One Academic Year
18.50 – 19.49 15 % One Academic Year
19.50 – 20.00 20 % One Academic Year

2)Special Criteria

  • Being a missing person’s or an enslaved person’s child.
  • Not having sufficient funds or come from a family with many children.
  • Being an orphan.
  • A member of an athletic team in division 1.

Minimum Leaving Certificate Grade: 16
Duration: One Academic Year
Percent of the scholarship offered: It will be decided by the Academic Council and will depend on the above criteria.

Note that if you are applying under the special criteria scholarship, you may only apply for one of the above.

A copy of your School leaving Certificate as well as other documentation supporting the criteria for the scholarship you are applying for, should be included in your application and should be submitted to the following address as soon as possible:

The Academic Scholarship Committee
Ledra College
13 Lankada Street Strovolos
Nicosia 2023