The central communal area of the college where students and teachers meet at break times to have coffee or tea with sandwiches and other snacks.

Computer Rooms

Ledra College students have free internet access every day. The College has a dedicated computer room with a high speed broadband connection. The computers can be used for research and project or presentation preparation, as well as for lectures.


The library is available to students every day. Students can use our wide range of supplementary materials and self-study resources to support their course and improve their English.
Study Room: Next to our Library, students have access to our Study Room, a spacious and bright place to study in between classes to supplement their coursework.


Always willing to help and assist you in any major problem. Next to it is the office of the College Secretary and the office of the Administrative Director which deals with the registry and inquires.

Lecture Rooms

The lecture rooms are bright and spacious. They are fully equipped with large whiteboards, PC’s and projectors to facilitate the lectures. The rooms are available to the students for the presentation of their projects.